WEB101 – Official Thread: Who owns what?

Activity Two – Who Owns What?
All domain names are registered either to a business or an individual. Now, we’re going to use that knowledge to do a little snooping! How did your online snooping go? Who owns the domain names listed? And did you explore the ownership of any other domain names? Feel free to share your thoughts about how domain names work, or ask questions if you have any.


There have been a few sites like this over time. But, one that springs to mind is a web site about Martin Luther King. ( http://www.martinlutherking.org/ )

If you conduct a Google search for the African-American activitist, this site ranks quite highly on your list of results. However, upon closer examination, you can see that it is a “spinoff of Stormfront(dot)org, the “white nationalist” online community created in 1995 by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black” (to quote the Huffington Post).

I also recall, in the late 90s, there was a web site that looked like it was owned and created by Microsoft, but, in fact, it was attacking Bill Gates, claiming him to be a rip-off merchant – in support of Apple and Netscape Navigator. I couldn’t find it – perhaps because Gates is now a wonderful, earth-loving philanthropist – but maybe it can still be found in the Way Back Machine somewhere? I didn’t check… sorry!

Another hoax site that existed was a rather good copy of the official WHO (World Health Organisation) web site. It was hilarious, but, again, it probably isn’t around anymore.

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