WEB101 – Readings – ‘What is Web 2.0?’ and ‘The Wisdom of the Chaperones’

I enjoyed these readings. Provided a good overall perspective on Web 2.0 and the impacts and potential growth (which has come to fruition since publication) of social media and other web-related technologies.

One phrase that stood out to me in the O’Reilly reading was “the perpetual beta”. I was using Web 1.0, and I recall how new and improved versions of things were released in beta before the full and final version was officially posted to the public domain. The idea that open-source and user-generated content is widely accepted in Web 2.0 really made that phrase stand out to me. It forced me to reflect on my own personal usage of the web throughout the last two decades *cringe* and how it has evolved so dramatically and rapidly in such a short
amount of time.

I know that we generally take a lot of Web 2.0’s features for granted these days. But, as a person who used to code with HTML before WYSIWYGs such as Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Dreamweaver, I think puts me in a place to more fully appreciate the changes when they hit my personal radar. I am in a constant state of astonishment and wonder at how far these technologies have come.


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