WEB101 – Official Thread: Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0

Official Thread: Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0
Not all of you will want to dig deeply into the ways in which Web 2.0 is changing businesses mentioned in the section ‘The Business Perspective’, but for many of you it will be relevant to your goals for study. Use this thread to share your ideas and ask questions about ‘Enterprise 2.0: the Dawn of Emergent Collaboration’ or the video from McAfee. You may want to start off by evaluating McAffee’s argument: do you agree that implementing Web 2.0 principles in businesses is an effective strategy?


I found the reading and the video highly pertinent to my current workplace. McAfee used a knowledge manager as an example to discuss their dissemination of knowledge or partaking of new knowledge within an organisation. Since the paper and video were published in 2005, I can see the history of this, as well as compare it to current trends I see in my profession.

It’s amusing… there are still librarians out there who resist using these technologies to their advantage, as they are fearful of them, cannot see the use of them (they’re still taking the traditional approach to librarianship), or use the excuse that they “don’t have time for them”.

But, an increasing amount of information specialists and librarians are now using Web/Enterprise 2.0 to their advantage. Facebook was all the rage in the early stages of this transition, but this has since been replaced by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Yammer. Librarians use these outlets to disseminate crucial or useful information, share their experiences and knowledge with colleagues in their organisations or the profession, or, simply re-share something worthwhile they stumbled upon in their research on a particular topic.

I suppose I found these resources particularly interesting because I can see a direct correlation with my recent work and imminent work (I am changing roles on January 2nd and working more closely with our Instructional Design unit in the university). As sharing has always been a huge part of my work ethic, I’ve always happily embraced Web 2.0 technologies, as I like to find creative, fun and interesting ways to share information with all I come into contact with, whether it be online or F2F. I enjoy seeing the evolution of these tools, as I remember using the older versions of them, and currently use them quite heavily. I find it makes me wiser and more open to what lies ahead in my work world. If I can stay on top of developments in these areas, I can prove my worth within any organisation that I work for.

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