WEB101 – Activity Two – Introduction to Blogs and RSS feeds

Official thread: Activity Two – Introduction to Blogs and RSS feeds

In the second activity, you’re asked to start exploring RSS feeds (if you haven’t already). Which of the RSS readers did you end up using? If you didn’t use one on the linked Blogspace list, is there another reader you’d recommend to other students? Did you have any problems setting up your RSS feed?

Finally, what do you think about this as a method of following your topic of interest? (You may want to answer this towards the end of the week, after having spent a few days experimenting with and using your RSS feed.)


I currently use Feedly for all my RSS feeds. I like the way I can group my feeds into categories of my choosing, and set the “importance ranking” of each category.

I used to use Google Reader and iGoogle. Because I liked iGoogle so much, I was thinking of transferring over to Netvibes or Symbaloo. I have gotten so used to seeing just my RSS feedsgrouped together now, that I wonder if the “web page interface”of these two options might be more detrimental to my workflow than helpful. Plus, Simbaloo strikes me as a service purely used for web site aggregation, rather than RSS feed aggregation, which wouldn’t suit me.

I was wondering if anyone has used either of these? If so, any comments? Pros? Cons?

Maha…  Smile


Hi Maha,

Thanks for this! I haven’t used either Netvibes or Symbaloo personally, so I’m interested to see if other students have any comments here!

Following on from the supplementary question I asked another student above about how you decide whether or not to subcribe to individual feeds, too, what kind of topics are represented in your reader? Do you mix professional and personal pursuits here?


In short, no, I don’t mix the two.
As I mentioned early on in this unit. I keep two accounts for everything – work and personal pursuits. Although, of late, I now have four accounts – personal, professional, university pursuits, and a web presence account for our assignment. LOL

In my professional reader, I sibscribe to anything related to libraries, information literacy and research, social media, eLearning & instructional design, anything techie or information-related. In my personal account, I links to Australian politics (I am quite engaged in this area), motorcycling information and writing (which are recreational pursuits), philosophy, and anything creative that requires thinking outside the square, so to speak.

Now, that I have a university-study-related account, and a web presence account, I post and link to feeds that are pertinent to both of those avenues of knowledge pursuit.

I guess, being a librarian, I like to organise my information very carefully. If not, chaos ensues in my world. I like to be able to file through the way I have organised things quickly so I can share the information with whoever has asked me for it, or simply curate it for my own purposes and needs.

What can I say? I know we live in an information overloaded world. I create my own topic-related spaces to move more efficiently through that world. But, I also like to think that I can keep as open a mind as possible without putting me on the path to a nervous breakdown. LOL

Maha…  Smile


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