WEB101 – Activity Two – Knowledge sharing and editing Wikipedia

A pleasant stroll down memory lane for me… I decided to edit the Wikipedia page on the Doug Anthony All Stars, a former Australian comedy trio that I used to follow around the country like a teenage puppy.


I registered with Wikipedia first, as I have an inkling that I will contribute further edits to Wikipedia when I have the time to scratch myself.

I used to be lovingly referred to (by the trio) as a Dougs Dork, part of a group of, mainly female, fans who adored these guys and would do absolutely anything for them. Ahhh… my teenage years! *cringe* I proved them correct by hiring a car with three fellow Dougs Dorks and driving 38 hours across the Nullarbor to see their final shows in Perth when they finally decided to call it quits. I was 19 years old at the time, having followed them since I was 14.

Sadly (and I say that because these guys are still on my radar at my age), I noticed that Richard Fidler’s subsequent work since being a part of the Doug Anthony All Stars was not up-to-date or completely accurate. So, I inserted the following lines of information in the Subsequent Work section of the page:

Fidler also wrote a a regular monthly column for internet.au magazine on the digital media world, and contributed an essay to the Australian Constitutional Convention website [1].


He currently hosts Conversations with Richard Fidler [2] on ABC’s Radio National. In 2011, Fidler co-wrote a satirical book on Australian politics titled, Jack the Insider: The Insider’s Guide to Power in Australia, released by Random House Books, New Zealand [3].

Do I feel like a vandal? NO! I was updating the information for the greater good!

Again, sadly, I may be making a trek to Canberra in March to see two of them reunite on stage for the “greater good”.

I will be watching this page. I could see other inaccuracies which I feel compelled to edit when I have the time to find sources to legitimise my changes. Plus, I’m intensely curious to find out if I managed to stuff up my interpretation of the instructions for editing that I nervously read beforehand.

A highly entertaining exercise!


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