WEB101 – The many uses of wikis (readings)

Official Thread: The many uses of wikis (readings)

This week’s readings and videos explain how a wiki can be used to collaborate on a project. Here, we look at Wikipedia as an example of how wiki software works. However, this is just one way to use wikis. Many organisations use wikis for internal communication and collaboration. Do you use a wiki at work, or have you in the past?
What advantages does a wiki offer for the workplace? Can you think of other ways in which wikis can be used?


Thanks for the link. Within the article, I found a reference to a book called Wikipatterns, by the author of the article.
(There is Curtin Library online access to this book if anyone is interested: http://tinyurl.com/ksyzeq9 )

The university I work for makes use of a central wiki, divided up into respective departmental areas. Having, at the time of writing this, worked in two departmental areas of the university, I find it an indispensable tool. It’s great for sharing ideas and brainstorming things collaboratively, without the need for sending endless emails back and forth. Also, it’s imperative to ensure version control – info can get confusing when a member of a team sends a group email with their latest version of a document, and, just by chance, another member sends their version simultaneously, which leads to confusion amongst the team’s members. The wiki-space goes a long way to elliminate this issue.

Wikis can be used in a variety of ways – as an evolving information resource or repository, as a space to work on a particular project with others and track progress, as a place to learn (like a classroom space that a teacher sets up for a class to post and interact as they would in a F2F situation, for example). They can even be used as a blog-type of space for one person to record their journey in a topic of their choosing, with the choice of receiving alterations and feedback  from others, or purely using it for their own purposes and interests and revising it as desired.

I think that how wikis are ultimately used by a person or a group of people is only limited by one’s imagination. Personally, I have, this far, used wikis in MOOCs, work situations, and when using the giant, Wikipedia, as a starting point for beginning my research about a topic I am not familiar with and need background information on.

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