WEB101 – Activity: Introducing Twitter

Official Thread – Activity: Introducing Twitter
Do you have any questions about what Twitter is and how it works? How did you go with the exercise?


I find that Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with topics of interest or professional development.

As has been mentioned here thus far, it can be used to follow bands, but, as F stated, she hasn’t used it “socially” as people in her social networks don’t use it. I would argue that if one starts following other people outside of your social circles, you can find a wealth of helpful and useful information that you didn’t know existed. I don’t know many people in my Twitter connections, however, I follow and am followed by people from all over the world. There have been occasions where this has even led to being asked to speak at conferences, job offers that I didn’t expect and ties that have led me to find even more information on topics that I might been researching at the time. It has removed my locality, so to speak. I am no longer restricted to Australian information, networks and resources.

I have four Twitter accounts – one for my Web101 web presence (which I plan to keep using after Web101 is finished for professional purposes), one for university (which some may have noticed that I use with the Web101 hashtag as regularly as possible), one for work (which I use on a daily basis to share information with colleagues and/or followers, and for personal curation purposes), and one for the personal side of me (where I comment on politics, share ideologies and philosophies, or just rant and rave if the mood takes me).

Because I have these accounts, and manage two more for the university I work at, I make use of tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These enable me to send out information from multiple outlets simultaneously, which makes my life a lot easier and helps me to keep up with all of my streams.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the #Web101 hashtag, and noticed its use heightening this week. I have favourited a couple of tweets from my Web101 peers, plus I have added more of my own.

I’m a huge fan of Twitter – it’s a marvellous work tool for me. Plus, it’s a great way to direct traffic to other parts of one’s web presence or other social media outlets. I find that the more I tweet, the more followers I accumulate and get to tap into vital sources of information that helps me with my work and my professional development as well.



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