WEB101 – Privacy and Social Networking Sites

Official Thread – Privacy and Social Networking Sites

One of the most important issues related to social networking sites is privacy. Were you surprised by some of the material in the terms of service discussed? Do you know about the privacy policies and terms of service for social networking sites you use? If you do, what do you think of them? Do you think we should be concerned? And how does the ephemerality of social networking sites affect privacy issues?


I might have mentioned some of these concerns in an earlier post, but, the bottom line for me is that I keep my professional accounts as separate as possble from my personal ones. However, even my personal accounts are not utilised that much – I sometimes get asked where I’ve been, reminding me that it’s been a while since I posted.

Facebook bothers me the most. It’s like a virus, and its tentacles reach out in so many directions, trying to find out more about you. Google and Twitter do so as well, but they’re not as obvious about it as Facebook.

So, since I mainly use the latter two for work purposes, I’m not too concerned about my privacy. I find these avenues a good way to highlight my work experience and skills, which help me out in unexpected ways at times.

As for the rest of the questions you ask, Sky, I’m pretty sure I have my views clear in last week’s discussion. I hope I’m dead and buried before it becomes a massive problem and it gets to the point where I cannot do anything about it.

Two videos that you might find interesting if you haven’t seen them before:




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