WEB101 – RE: Official Thread: Identity

I have yet to find out where I succeeded or faltered in my web presence assignment. However, the creation of it did indeed help me in anchoring the identity I wanted to portray on it. I initially chose another platform to act as a place for my web presence, but as time went on, it became obvious to me that the previous platform I chose was not going to allow me the flexibility and ease with which it could almost organically evolve. I wanted a platform which would provide me with the simplest way to contribute to my identity and that gave me the option to create an accompanying site so it could eventually be an e-Portfolio in the future.

I definitely want to keep my web presence running long after this unit. I created it with that potential use in mind. Hence, I selected a subject area that was pertinent to my current workplace. I hope to make it evolve and develop over time, as I gather new knowledge and ultimately present it as a place to showcase my work.

As the technology develops so rapidly, I hope that the presence will remain flexible enough to reflect those changes. I can see that the emerging social web includes things such as wearable tech, items in “the smart home”, connected cars and smart TVs. I would happily add nodes to reflect these changes, if relevant, to my web presence. However, I would not be surprised in the slightest if, at some stage, I would have to move my web presence to another site that might be more in sync with these technological developments.

I have learnt one thing over my years of using the Internet and the Web, and that is that nothing stays the same. What you thought was something that would stand the test of time doesn’t always turn out to be so. Therefore, I considered this fact seriously when I created my web presence. It had to provide me with the flexibility to replicate elsewhere if I needed to move on from this space.


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