WEB101 – RE: Official Thread: One final fun activity – Internet-enabled devices

RE: Official Thread: One final fun activity – Internet-enabled devices

It’s the final week, so here is a fun, light-hearted activity to wrap up!

You’ve been reading about the mobile web and how cell phones are increasingly Internet-friendly and compatible with online services. Smart phones and their vast functionalities are now well-established, and other technologies have online connectivity.

What if you could embed similar technology in *any* appliance? What would you choose? Feel free to let your imagination run wild here! 🙂


I don’t know about appliances, but I do like the idea of wearable technology. Taking the Google Glass concept to contact lenses, which has recently been done for people with diabetes. I would buy such contacts in a snap if they doubled as corrective lenses. Imagine that… contact lenses that could act as Google Glass does, using augmented reality so that one is connected at all times when one’s eyes are open and viewing the world.

As a motorcyclist that has bluetooth in her helmet, that would change with such contact lenses. I wouldn’t need to attach anything to establish a connection, just wear some contacts… and they would respond to my voice and what I’m seeing, placing overlays on the things I am looking at. Perhaps could even include an early warning system for a stupid driver that is not aware of my presence on the road to avert disasters. Wow…

So many possibilities with such technology. I wonder how many I will see eventuate before I am no longer?


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