#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 1.1: Library and BB Orientation

Task 1: Visit the library web site. Record any observations about the process and the  problems you encountered.

I visited the library web site and conducted a search for any online resources associated with MED104 that were in e-Reserve. I received four results, one of which was the Bolter reading for Week two. I added all four items to my e-shelf for ease of access again later.

I’m quite comfortable with online library catalogues, having worked as a librarian since 2002. I am pleased to say that using the Curtin library catalogue was quite straight-forward. I did not encounter any problems with this task.

I took a few more moments to look at the LibGuide for Internet Communications as well. I have added the guide to my bookmarks so that I can keep referring to it, if needed.

Task 2: Navigate Blackboard, including finding unit outline, discussion boards, lectures etc. Test out software required for Collaborate. Note any problems encountered and how you solved them.

I took time to go through all the items on the Blackboard menu. I have located and posted to my discussion group numerous times already. I have copied the unit outline and made entries into my Google calendar about due dates for the assessment tasks. I tried to access the lectures, but this feature was not working at the time of writing this. However, I have read a post from Kathryn stating that this will be resolved soon.

Collaborate is working fine as far as I can tell. But, nobody seems to be using it yet, so I will continue to watch that space.

All in all, everything seems to be in order and working. I have downloaded the notes for Module One and have started my reading for the first two weeks. Looking forward to writing up my next entry for the Learning Portfolio.


About Maha @ Uni

Studying online, and want to keep a record of my progress and experiences...
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