#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 1.3: Critical Summary of ‘Recovering Fair Use’ – Collins 2008

Assignment 1 (Learning Portfolio): Week 3, Activity 1.3


Repeat the critical reading process from last week using the set reading for topic 1.3 (Collins). Summarise what the article says about copyright and fair use in 50 words (using no quotations).


Collins (2008) argues that copyright has corroded fair use – shifting it from freedom of expression to punishment for those who violate copyright law. As technology progresses, consumers are turned into prosumers. Balance between the two must be recovered. Citing two legal examples, Collins illustrates that fair use is crucial when considering the laws surrounding copyright.


Collins, S. (2008). Recovering Fair Use. M/C – A Journal of Media and Culture, 11(6), 2-2. Retrieved from http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/article/viewArticle/105


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