#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 2.2 – Research Skills


Look at the essay topics for assignment 3 and pick one you find interesting, or think you are most likely to answer. Conduct an evaluation of the essay question to identify key terms. Find an article from the library databases that you think is relevant to your topic. Write a brief overview of your search process: analysis of key terms; search phrases used which database/s you used, how you refined your search; how you chose your article (assessing relevance) (200-300 words)

Assignment 3 – Essay topic of interest:
“Globalisation encourages the production of culturally diverse media. Discuss.”


  • globalisation / globalization
  • cultural diversity / culturally diverse
  • media / media production

Firstly, I addressed the essay topic’s key terms, which I defined as listed above. I recognised that relevant information could be found with two alternative spellings of the word globalisation – American or Australian. I thought it was important to use both in my searches, as I didn’t want to exclude information from countries that spelt the word with a ‘z’. I also paid particular attention to how the phrase culturally diverse could be referred to – cultural diversity was an alternative common phrase being used to describe the same idea. Finally, I used the words media and media production interchangeably, as I felt that both were pertinent to locate related information.

When I started seeing acceptable results in my initial searches, I refined them to fall into the years 2010 – 2014, as I didn’t want to obtain information that may be dated – the media and the technologies available earlier than this time frame might skew the relevance of the information found for the topic. I deemed it best to find material that was timely. I found quite a few appropriate articles that may be added to my reference list for the essay. However, I chose this one for this activity, as it referred more generally to the essay topic – a good place to start when researching, going from the general to the specific. It discusses opposing arguments to the essay topic, referring to the importance of safeguarding cultural diversity and the use of freedom of speech in the media, but also argues that although this would be optimal, media in control of a few can produce dangerous outcomes as well.


Zayani, M. (2011). Media, cultural diversity and globalization: challenges and opportunities. Journal of Cultural Diversity, 18(2), 48-54. Retrieved from http://www.ebscohost.com/


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