Week 2 – A media release announcing the opening of a new community centre

Imagine you work for your local council, and you have been asked to prepare a media release announcing the opening of a new community centre. Write the media release for this event following the guidelines laid out in Deverell or in another source you have found yourself.

Olinda Residents to Benefit from New Community Centre

Press Release: 10 June 2014

Friday, 27 June 2014 will see the official opening of the Yarra Shire Council’s newest community centre in Olinda – The Ranges Community Centre.

This is a new model of community centre for the area and will provide a focal point for all local activities. The new neighbourhood centre is located on Main Street in Olinda.

The Olinda Management Committee have been busily promoting the centre to service providers for the benefit of residents of the area. Residents associations, youth groups, childcare services, dance and fitness companies are all using the centre to run programs for residents of the area. The centre features two large program rooms, as well as office space, free wifi and a café for community groups to use.

Speaking in advance of the launch, Yarra Shire Councillor, Fiona Wallace, welcomed the opening of the new centre, and highlighted the co-operation between Yarra Shire and the Olinda Management Committee, which helped get the project off the ground.  “This building is just one of a number of new facilities being developed by Yarra Shire in partnership with local communities, and represents the Council’s commitment to delivering services which will help improve the quality of life for residents across the entire shire.  Not far away in Belgrave, the refurbishment of the Community Centre at Burwood Highway is also nearing completion.”

The Ranges Community Centre is the first of this type of neighbourhood centre and is a good example of the Council working with local communities to improve the local environment.


Photos available from the Olinda Management Committee after the event.


Olinda Management Committee,
Main Street,
VIC 3788

email: olindamgtcommittee@gmail.com
Phone: 613 1234 5678


Deverell, Adam. “Corporate Writing: Gain Power over Hearts and Minds”. In Power Prose: Writing Skills for the Media, edited by Carolyn Lee, 124-135. South Yarra, Vic: Hardie Grant Books, 2004. Print.


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