#PWP121 – Communication across cultures

TUTOR: You have been requested to prepare a brochure persuading parents to inoculate their children against various diseases. This brochure will be distributed in remote Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander communities. What factors do you need to consider when preparing this material?


  • I would try to use accompanying, explanatory images in such a brochure, as some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have numeracy and literacy issues. If this is a problem for the reader of the brochure, I would make it obvious where they can get help with inoculation. I would offer that help in a friendly, approachable, but non-patronising tone.
  • The brochure would make use of and display Aboriginal visual and written material where possible. Any images used would avoid the depiction of Aboriginals that are deceased.
  • The sentences I use would be shorter and direct, without any jargon or superfluous language.
  • All information would be delivered with sensitivity and respectfully, in a non-condescending manner.
  • I would conduct some research, in advance, depending on the particular community this brochure would be targeting. They may use a different dialect of Aboriginal English, so I think it’s essential to make sure that the written communication would be clear and understood in the absence of video or the body language / movement of a person.
  • The brochure produced would briefly acknowledge and express respect for Elders and leaders in the community if they need to be involved in important decision-making processes surrounding inoculation for a child or children.
  • If the brochure is to be released directly into the community, rather than be placed in an information centre to be accessed at will, I would consider the scheduling of the release, as it may be a time of grieving for the community, so such a release would be considered offensive.

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