#DIG251 – Introductions: Wow! Four days in and everyone’s been busy!

The year is racing ahead and I have just commenced my next unit, DIG251 (Internet Design). The unit officially started on Monday and, since I’ve been busy at work, couldn’t get to the discussion forums until today. It has been incredibly active and I already feel like I’ve fallen behind. Below is the introduction I just posted to my fellow students…
I can see there’s going to be a busy weekend ahead to try and keep up!


Hi everybody,

I’m a little late starting this week. Work’s been awfully busy of late.

I’m studying Internet Communications and currently reside in Melbourne.
I work at a university here as an e-learning/instructional designer and knowledge advocate.

I started off as an Internet Consultant in my teens, working in cyber cafes and helping people create their boring, drab HTML 1.0 web sites, back in the “old” days of Netscape Navigator and Altavista (amongst a lot of other search engines) – Yes! PRE-GOOGLE! Teaching people to surf the net, how to use email, FTP, Gopher, MUDs and MOOs and all of those almost defunct technologies from the 90s… when people got insanely excited about animated gifs and the Rolling Stones’ “start me up” line from Microsoft’s release of Windows 95. I could possibly be considered a relic of Internet history to some of you, who knows?

When the cyber cafes shut down as everyone was getting internet connections in residential abodes, I started wondering what I could do next that was internet/information related and fell into becoming a librarian. I have worked for a few years as one, teaching information literacy skills and taking these face-to-face classes online into LMSes like Blackboard, Moodle and the web environment.

So, it seems I have come full circle in a way… I no longer want to work as a librarian and having recently been recognised for my work in an e-learning capacity, have been seconded into the Innovative Learning Transformations department of the university I have been working in since 2009. I’m much more at home with web technologies. I’m a Googlite, a social media junkie, always enrolled in a MOOC of some kind, a web design dabbler, and get excited by UX and e-learning as an alternative to traditional higher education learning environments.

So, here I am… excited and apprehensive at the same time… pleased to see how much Blackboard action I have missed in four days and eager to get started! This is my first post and will head off now to see if a DIG251 hashtag exists somewhere so I can begin curating resources and sharing with others throughout my work days – I told you I was a librarian… it’s a tough habit to break.

I am also an avid motorcyclist, have crossed the Nullarbor twice and am intensely excited by a new augmented helmet that I will get my hot little hands on in early 2015 – something I have been screaming for on any and all motorcycle forums for a while now. I’m not normally a first gen tech purchaser, but this one I could NOT resist. So much so, I had to share this with you all to give you an idea of the obsession I have outside of this subject area. My dream is to go up and down the length of South America on a motorcycle one day.

I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and ideas in DIG251 and am sure the weeks ahead will be challenging, creative and stimulating. Onwards and upwards… good luck to all!

Warm regards,



About Maha @ Uni

Studying online, and want to keep a record of my progress and experiences...
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