#DIG251 – #HTML and #CSS … Anyone for a cup of coffee?

My first week’s exercises. Very simple coding in HTML and CSS, but everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? I should probably count my blessings – this week hasn’t been as demanding as I anticipated and has provided me with a little extra time to attend to the MOOCs I am currently working through.

At the back of my mind though, are the weeks ahead in this unit. I have to come up with a blueprint, a first and final draft of a web site within 13 weeks. This coming week, I need to select three ideas for this web site and post them on the boards for approval from my tutor. This is the hard part! I have come up with two ideas so far. One, which could work quite well, but I would not be interested in maintaining in the future. The other, a site about my professional interests and outlook, which would be maintained, but is difficult to fill at present. *sigh* As for the third, not even on my radar! The possibilities I have fleetingly considered bore me, and I definitely KNOW they would die a slow and painful death.

Rest, assured that when I have finalised my decision, with my tutor’s approval, I will write another blog post to make it official.

In the meantime, for the remainder of this week and next, I have to go through a project ideas generation stage for the first of three assessments and keep a sketchbook containing all of those ideas. I find myself getting bogged down in how I should keep this sketchbook. I want to use an app so that I can add ideas on the run, so to speak, but wonder which apps would be best to use when the time to transfer those ideas into my first assessment arrives. I am investigating.

(*I know I don’t have a huge audience for this blog, as attaining such an audience was not my initial intention for creating it, but suggestions from any followers would be greatly appreciated!)

So here’s the amazing bit… I have posted screen dumps of my first “exercise” in getting acquainted with HTML and CSS below. The only reason I have decided to do this task is because we are working from a unit study guide and textbook, and I fear that when we get into the more advanced aspects of these languages, I will have needed this work to build upon. I know I could potentially stress myself out if I have done none of these exercises for a few weeks and then find myself having to catch up on 6-7 weeks work when we get down to the nitty-gritty of the unit!

So… (I can almost hear bated breath as you read this) Here are the screen-dumps of my work thus far… Tah-dah!


The HTML and CSS code for the Index page.


The result of the HTML code above in Mozilla Firefox.


The HTML and CSS code for the site’s ‘Mission Statement’.


The final product of the ‘Mission Statement’code above in the Mozilla Firefox browser.


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