#DIG251 – #Website Project Ideas: Motorcycle adventures or #InstructionalDesign?

It has been a painful process trying to decide what to offer as suggestions for this unit-long project.  I have come up with two ideas – I hope I don’t need a third… I’m getting to the point where I just want to start on it.

The first one could work quite well, but I would not be interested in maintaining it in the future. A site dedicated to a narrow audience of Australian motorcyclists (particularly situated in Melbourne or Perth) who wish to make a solo trek across the Nullarbor. The six pages would cover:

  • Welcome and Introduction (So, you want to ride solo across the Nullarbor, eh?)
  • The Route (Complete with maps of secondary and primary roads, scenic views points, possible hazards, etc.)
  • What to carry (for emergencies, safety, equipment, navigation, etc.)
  • Recommended dual sport bikes for such a trip (gallery of photos, prices, rentals(?), specs)
  • A calendar (best times of year to complete the trip and a planner)
  • A forum space for those who are doing or who have completed the trip – comments and advice to other interested parties about to embark upon such an adventure)

The other suggestion is a site about my professional interests and outlook, which would be maintained after the unit, but is difficult to fill at present. It would highlight myself as an Instructional Designer. The six pages for this one would cover:

  • Index/Home/Welcome (the purpose of the site, what is ID? and “About Me”)
  • Portfolio (split into two sections – discussions of projects and my work and a mini gallery)
  • Resources (compiled of information about all things related to this subject for myself and others to refer to)
  • Product / Book Reviews (this would act as a repository of resources for others to use for comparison and professional development purposes)
  • Contact (personal aspect with my social media outlets listed, as well as the services I can supply, conference bookings, published papers on the topic)

Even though I prefer the second option, I am concerned that it will be filled with a lot of dummy text to pad things out. I am embarking on a new professional direction and although I am currently working in this field, I have yet to complete the projects that I would insert into such a site. So it would be a mixture of fact and fiction. However, it’s winning as a choice because I know I would maintain it on an ongoing basis in the future – it would eventually serve as my e-Portfolio.

I’m eager to hear any suggestions and/or thoughts on my ideas.


About Maha @ Uni

Studying online, and want to keep a record of my progress and experiences...
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