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Australian political web sites – what involvment is encouraged or enabled? #NET102

TUTOR: Looking at the political sites listed in the study package, select two to visit. What type of political involvement do they encourage or enable? MY RESPONSE: GetUp! An organisation consisting of a community of Australians who wish for their … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Everyday life and intimacy for teens

TUTOR: Let’s talk about the Pascoe reading. This reading takes us beyond online dating agencies and cybersex, into the realm of everyday life and intimacy. How do youths growing up with the Internet form and conduct relationships these days? Do … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Cheating, flirting and cybersex

TUTOR: How far would a partner/spouse have to go online before it is considered cheating? Up to what point is flirting online acceptable? How ‘real’ is cybersex? MY RESPONSE: I concur with everyone’s posts thus far. If it is hidden … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Online Dating… generally acceptable or not?

TUTOR: “The acceptability of online dating amongst your friends and family: Do you know of anyone that’s met someone online and then gone on to date them face to face?” I think increasingly the answer to this question is yes … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Implications of casual and social games on the Internet for online gaming and everyday life

What are the implications of the rise of casual and social games on the Internet for online gaming and everyday life? I’m sure there are a variety of implications for online gaming and everyday life. Reading through the DA14 report, … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Games Discussion

Drawing on your own experience, discuss the role of games in general in teaching children and adults about functioning in society and creating, modifying and maintaining relationships with each other, are there differences in online and face to face gaming, … Continue reading

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