#WEB206 – Web Publishing #webpublishing

I commenced a new subject, Web Publishing (WEB206), at the beginning of September. I am eager to see where this unit leads. Here’s a synopsis of the unit:

“The Internet is still, principally, a medium for written communication; this unit offers you a practically oriented, conceptually based approach by which you can become more effective in writing and publishing on the Internet. Firstly, you will consider key underlying information issues such as relevance, credibility, authority and utility in finding information on the Web. Secondly, you will closely engage with the practicalities of writing online, across different styles and genres and explore how Internet technologies support creativity and innovation. Finally, you will learn about the contexts and ‘channels’ of public online writing as they are relevant to the Internet as a publishing medium.”

This study period you have to find a topic to write about. It can be (almost) anything you want. What are your interests? What do you think will be something you can write about for the next 12 weeks?

Let us know what you are thinking.


I am interested in pursuing my recreational interest in writing as a topic. This interest includes different styles of writing (e.g. memoir, travel, political, science-fiction, philosophical, cyber-culture, observational, etc.). More specifically, how certain writers and their writing styles that have affected me… how I approach writing, how an author’s writing has influenced the way I think about the world.

These are my initial ruminations; I’m hoping these can be tweaked and adapted and solidified as time goes on and I see the activities we are required to work on.


About Maha @ Uni

Studying online, and want to keep a record of my progress and experiences...
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