#WEB206 – An interesting conundrum

In this new subject, we are all required to create some kind of online presence within which to post our writing exercises. The first thing we had to do was pick a topic for this presence (I chose to create a blog for this exercise) and it seems that our contributions to that presence must revolve around the topic we have chosen.

As is evident in my previous blog-post, we discussed the role of avatars and how they can affect us in anticipation of creating our new online presences. We had to select or create an avatar to represent our identities as well.

Here’s the problem… I like to maintain a record of my study experiences on this blog. Anyone who stumbles upon this site will know my first name and a little about the subjects I am studying. The other new presence I have just created is about one of my passions outside of work/study and is therefore, anonymous. I also wish for it to remain anonymous until I reach a goal I have set for myself. So… if anyone reads this blog, I will still be posting here, but my posts may seem less detailed than usual, as I do not yet wish to divulge any details of the new blog I am creating for this subject.

The writing activities I will post on my new online presence may be paraphrased and transcribed to suit this blog, but I’m pretty sure that they will be quite brief, even uninteresting, in places. It’s not too hard to track the exact same piece of writing to another place on the web. Hence, my reluctance to post everything I will do there on this blog.

Perhaps I can just use this space to reflect on what I have completed in my anonymous space?

Time will tell…


About Maha @ Uni

Studying online, and want to keep a record of my progress and experiences...
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