#WEB206 The discussion of #passive goes on…

TUTOR (12/10/2015):
lol – no I’m having a stoush with them about Shirky who argues in one of the Web101 videos that if everyone stopped watching TV and got online to be ‘interactive’ we would have this wonderful source of collective intelligence. He equates watching TV to alcohol. My students seem to agree with him – that TV is numb and dumb and they would rather have their kids on an interactive device – the TV being non-interactive. I am trying to convince them otherwise. Not having much success. Granted The Bachelor doesn’t help my argument. But trying to get them to at least acknowledge GOT, Breaking Bad, Dr Who, Veep, Black Mirror, Penny Dreadful, The West Wing, Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Humans, Mr Robot, 12 Monkeys, The Office … Not having much success. 

RE: RE: Function (13/10/2015 @ 1.25pm)

Been thinking more about this one, L. One is not passive when consuming any media if they are cogitating on what they see, read or interact with. I am re-reading the Walker-Rettberg (2008) reading at the moment, particularly the part where she mentions the concept of dissemination and dialogue. Of particular note, she states  “… such a dichotomy is inherently false, as there will always be many ways of showing how the ‘passive audience’ is not necessarily as passive as it appears…” (p. 5).


Walker Rettberg, J. (2008). Blogs, Literacies and the Collapse of Private and Public. Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 16(2-3), 10. Retrieved from http://jilltxt.net/txt/Blogs–Literacy%20-and-the-Collapse-of-Private-and-Public.pdf

P.S. I despise the way Blackboard (and this blog) don’t readily permit me to hang-indent my references… *grrr*


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