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RE: Is Australian support for the #WarOnTerror essential to our ‘national security’? #PLT110

Is Australian support for the War on Terror essential to our ‘national security’? How does this conflict compare to the wars that Australia has previously participated in? Wow! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s perspectives surrounding this question. I have to … Continue reading

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Australian political web sites – what involvment is encouraged or enabled? #NET102

TUTOR: Looking at the political sites listed in the study package, select two to visit. What type of political involvement do they encourage or enable? MY RESPONSE: GetUp! An organisation consisting of a community of Australians who wish for their … Continue reading

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#PWP121 – Experiences with multicultural communication

TUTOR: This week we invite you to use this thread to participate in conversations about: multicultural communication: Have you worked in a multicultural context, provided services to multicultural communities, or lived in a multicultural family? What kinds of problems and … Continue reading

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