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#PWP121 – Writing Online

    ‘Shareholders to Google: Don’t Be Evil, Stop Dodging Taxes‘ by citizens4taxjustice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license / Cropped from Original.  TUTOR: For our topic of online writing, we invite you … Continue reading

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#PWP121 – Experiences with multicultural communication

TUTOR: This week we invite you to use this thread to participate in conversations about: multicultural communication: Have you worked in a multicultural context, provided services to multicultural communities, or lived in a multicultural family? What kinds of problems and … Continue reading

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#PWP121 – Communication across cultures

TUTOR: You have been requested to prepare a brochure persuading parents to inoculate their children against various diseases. This brochure will be distributed in remote Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander communities. What factors do you need to consider when preparing this … Continue reading

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PWP121 – A Letter to the Editor – Convincing Words – Language, Rhetoric and Persuasion

TUTOR: This week we ask you to write a letter to the editor of one of the state or nation newspapers on an issue of your choice. In your letter, use one or more of the rhetorical devices described in the … Continue reading

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#PWP121 – Rhetoric, persuasive writing, communication

                By Marion S. Trikosko [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons TUTOR’S REQUEST: This week we invite you to share your thoughts about: Martin Luther King Jr’s. use of rhetoric Examples of communication that … Continue reading

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PWP121 – Topic 3 – Audience, Purpose and Content.

TUTOR: Please consider your role as the reader of all sorts of written communication, and share with our group your experiences of: forms of communication that attract your attention; forms of communication that persuade you to act or to form … Continue reading

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