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#WEB206 – Web site credibility. Which of these criteria do you feel you have typically relied upon to determine the reliability of a site in the past? Why?

TUTOR: Warnick lays out five criteria cited by lay users as indexes of web site credibility. Which of these criteria do you feel you have typically relied upon to determine the reliability of a site in the past? Why? MY RESPONSE: … Continue reading

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#DIG251 – Introductions: Wow! Four days in and everyone’s been busy!

The year is racing ahead and I have just commenced my next unit, DIG251 (Internet Design). The unit officially started on Monday and, since I’ve been busy at work, couldn’t get to the discussion forums until today. It has been … Continue reading

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#PWP121 – The Importance of Research in Professional Writing

‘Research – IMG_1367‘ by N i c o l a is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) licence. TUTOR: This week, please use this thread to discuss: how we find sources of good reliable information. … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.2 – Assessing credibility and authority online

TUTOR: Take a moment and ‘unpack’ the way we read online. In the context of this week’s topic, this means thinking about how notions of credibility, editorship, control and open source effect our consumption (and indeed ‘prosumption’) of news information … Continue reading

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