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#NET102 – Understanding private and public space online

TUTOR: How do internet interfaces for music consumption and distribution change the ways in which we understand private and public space (and the way these intermingle)? MY RESPONSE: The line between public and private space is becoming increasingly indistinct. Laughey … Continue reading

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RE: Your experience of the Internet?

In response to our “first internet experiences”, a fellow student wrote the following: My first experience of the internet was using my house-mate’s dial up connection and talking with people in the USA. I found it fascinating that I could … Continue reading

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#MED104 – ‘The People Formerly Known as the Audience’ by Jay Rosen (2006, June 27).

TUTOR: This is a fun reading… but let’s put our critical reading glasses on again. Do we agree with Rosen that the ‘shift in platforms’ has led to a ‘shift in power’? Or is the relationship between text/audience/producer and power … Continue reading

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#MED104 – The Henry Jenkins reading

TUTOR: The blog post by Henry Jenkins was published in 2009 – do you think all of his arguments remain valid in 2014? Are we still fearful of new media? Are there stil cultural divides when it come to access … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Ego-surfing (activity)

Official Thread: Ego-surfing (activity) This week’s activity asks you to go ‘ego surfing’ using Google, Blindsearch, and Spezify. Some of you may be very familiar with this practice, but for others this might be quite new. How did you go? … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Introducing Social Networking

Official Thread: Introducing Social Networking This week we look at social networking sites. The reading from boyd and Ellison gives a definition of social networking sites, as well as discussing some of the research happening around these sites. How do … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Privacy and Social Networking Sites

Official Thread – Privacy and Social Networking Sites One of the most important issues related to social networking sites is privacy. Were you surprised by some of the material in the terms of service discussed? Do you know about the … Continue reading

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