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#WEB206 The discussion of #passive goes on…

TUTOR (12/10/2015): lol – no I’m having a stoush with them about Shirky who argues in one of the Web101 videos that if everyone stopped watching TV and got online to be ‘interactive’ we would have this wonderful source of … Continue reading

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#WEB206 – An interesting conundrum

In this new subject, we are all required to create some kind of online presence within which to post our writing exercises. The first thing we had to do was pick a topic for this presence (I chose to create … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Everyday life and intimacy for teens

TUTOR: Let’s talk about the Pascoe reading. This reading takes us beyond online dating agencies and cybersex, into the realm of everyday life and intimacy. How do youths growing up with the Internet form and conduct relationships these days? Do … Continue reading

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#NET102 – Understanding private and public space online

TUTOR: How do internet interfaces for music consumption and distribution change the ways in which we understand private and public space (and the way these intermingle)? MY RESPONSE: The line between public and private space is becoming increasingly indistinct. Laughey … Continue reading

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