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#PWP121 – Writing Online

    ‘Shareholders to Google: Don’t Be Evil, Stop Dodging Taxes‘ by citizens4taxjustice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license / Cropped from Original.  TUTOR: For our topic of online writing, we invite you … Continue reading

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#MED104 – ‘The People Formerly Known as the Audience’ by Jay Rosen (2006, June 27).

TUTOR: This is a fun reading… but let’s put our critical reading glasses on again. Do we agree with Rosen that the ‘shift in platforms’ has led to a ‘shift in power’? Or is the relationship between text/audience/producer and power … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Activity One – Discussion

Official thread: Activity One – Discussion Having read the Rebecca Blood and Jill Walker readings for this week, you are encouraged to discuss the following issues: The early days of blogging were extremely optimistic about the potential of blogs to … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Official Thread: The Wayback Machine

Official Thread: The Wayback Machine The Wayback Machine: a fascinating way of spending hours exploring how websites have changed over the years. The Wayback Machine is part of the Internet Archive which is an amazing repository serving the dual purpose … Continue reading

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