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WEB101 – Readings – ‘What is Web 2.0?’ and ‘The Wisdom of the Chaperones’

I enjoyed these readings. Provided a good overall perspective on Web 2.0 and the impacts and potential growth (which has come to fruition since publication) of social media and other web-related technologies. One phrase that stood out to me in … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Official Thread: Routing in Action!

Official Thread: Activity One – Routing in Action! When you make a request to another computer on the Internet, that request passes through a number of other computers on its way to the host. We can see this in action. … Continue reading

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WEB101 Official Thread: Networking Software

Wow… thanks for the trip down amnesia lane. I am sad to say that I remember all of the networking software listed. I used software called CuteFTP to transfer larger files to others or download things for myself. I also, … Continue reading

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