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Is the #function of traditional #mass-media and so-called #personal-media different? #WEB206

TUTOR: In what way do you see the function of traditional mass-media and so-called personal media as being different? MY RESPONSE: The function of traditional mass media and personal media are increasingly becoming aligned. As Lüders recognised in 2008, it was important … Continue reading

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#Economy – do these relationships conflict or support existing #power structures on the #Internet? #NET102

TUTOR’S QUESTION: How do economic relationships conflict with or support existing power structures through the Internet? Choose an example from your first module and discuss. MY RESPONSE: Music fans have found ways to illegally download an artist’s music, a fact … Continue reading

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#MED104 – Discussion 1.3 – The question of copyright

TUTOR: Ok, so copyright is a complex beast, and while we are all aware that it exists, many of us ignorant of what it really means and how it works. Some of you might argue that we don’t really need … Continue reading

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#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 1.2: Bolter & Grusin – Remediation (Critical Reading)

Assignment 1 (Learning Portfolio): Week 2, Activity 1.2 INSTRUCTIONS: Document the process of critical reading. Conduct a critical reading of the Bolter & Grusin chapter, by annotating/highlighting it, taking notes and finally writing a summary. In your learning portfolio, write … Continue reading

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