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In what way do you see the #reliability of #TraditionalMassMedia and #PersonalMedia as being different? #WEB206

TUTOR: In what way do you see the reliability of traditional mass-media and so-called personal media as being different? MY RESPONSE (Originally posted on 07/10/2015): My view is that the reliability of the traditional mass-media is generally more trustworthy than that of … Continue reading

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#NET102 – What controversies have you come across involving the Internet and its applications?

It’s getting to the end of the first week of #NET102. There’s so much reading (which is great) and fellow students have been posting such interesting information regarding the question we were asked by our tutors below. I can see … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.1 – News Media – Are traditional forms of informational media dying?

TUTOR: Are traditional forms of informational media dying? What are their equivalents? What happens to editorial control, credibility and ethics in the new media forms of information presented in wikis or  blogs? MY RESPONSE: There have been numerous reports of … Continue reading

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