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Is the #function of traditional #mass-media and so-called #personal-media different? #WEB206

TUTOR: In what way do you see the function of traditional mass-media and so-called personal media as being different? MY RESPONSE: The function of traditional mass media and personal media are increasingly becoming aligned. As Lüders recognised in 2008, it was important … Continue reading

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“What matters is not #technology itself, but the social or economic system in which it is embedded” – #NET102

TUTOR: Langdon Winner, asks, in the title of his influential book chapter, “Do artifacts have politics?” In other words, are technologies neutral? He suggests in response: “What matters is not technology itself, but the social or economic system in which … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.2 – Assessing credibility and authority online

TUTOR: Take a moment and ‘unpack’ the way we read online. In the context of this week’s topic, this means thinking about how notions of credibility, editorship, control and open source effect our consumption (and indeed ‘prosumption’) of news information … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.1 – Inform me! News media

            ‘News Read All About It‘ by Seth Anderson Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license / Cropped from original TUTOR: Think about the last news story that you followed … Continue reading

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#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 1.2: Bolter & Grusin – Remediation (Critical Reading)

Assignment 1 (Learning Portfolio): Week 2, Activity 1.2 INSTRUCTIONS: Document the process of critical reading. Conduct a critical reading of the Bolter & Grusin chapter, by annotating/highlighting it, taking notes and finally writing a summary. In your learning portfolio, write … Continue reading

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#MED104 – The Henry Jenkins reading

TUTOR: The blog post by Henry Jenkins was published in 2009 – do you think all of his arguments remain valid in 2014? Are we still fearful of new media? Are there stil cultural divides when it come to access … Continue reading

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#MED104 – ‘Old’ news versus ‘New’ media

TUTOR: Consider the dramatic changes that have occurred in the media realm over the last twenty, and even ten, years. What are the major differences in not only what media we consume, but how? Think about the way media is … Continue reading

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