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Questions of #power… #NET102

We have started to look at the topics we’ve covered over the last 6 weeks on deeper levels. ‘Power and Economy’ is the first theme – really, quite pertinent as I have decided to focus my final essay for this … Continue reading

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Power and Economy – #NET102 reflections on a reading

After reading ‘Political Economy, Power and New Media’ by Robin Mansell, I was particularly struck by the questions posed towards the end of the paper: What dominant principles, values and perceptions of power are being embedded in our technologically mediated … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.1 – News Media – Are traditional forms of informational media dying?

TUTOR: Are traditional forms of informational media dying? What are their equivalents? What happens to editorial control, credibility and ethics in the new media forms of information presented in wikis or  blogs? MY RESPONSE: There have been numerous reports of … Continue reading

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INSTRUCTIONS: Write two paragraphs based on the article you found last week (300-400 words). Assume you are preparing a draft for your final essay. Your piece needs to include: a short summary of the article’s argument; an analysis of the … Continue reading

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#MED104 – Learning Portfolio – 1.3: Critical Summary of ‘Recovering Fair Use’ – Collins 2008

Assignment 1 (Learning Portfolio): Week 3, Activity 1.3 INSTRUCTIONS: Repeat the critical reading process from last week using the set reading for topic 1.3 (Collins). Summarise what the article says about copyright and fair use in 50 words (using no … Continue reading

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#MED104 – Discussion 1.3 – The question of copyright

TUTOR: Ok, so copyright is a complex beast, and while we are all aware that it exists, many of us ignorant of what it really means and how it works. Some of you might argue that we don’t really need … Continue reading

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