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RE: Is Australian support for the #WarOnTerror essential to our ‘national security’? #PLT110

Is Australian support for the War on Terror essential to our ‘national security’? How does this conflict compare to the wars that Australia has previously participated in? Wow! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s perspectives surrounding this question. I have to … Continue reading

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RE: Should Australia have taken part in the #VietnamWar? #PLT110

Q: Should Australia have taken part in the Vietnam War? A: I understand all the reasons Australia should or shouldn’t have participated in the Vietnam war… and everyone has, thus far, made valid contentions for either side of this debate. But, no … Continue reading

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#Community, #power, #economy and #identity in #gaming – #NET102

TUTOR’S REQUEST: Pick one topic (e.g. dating) and list examples of the way the Internet has, in terms of your topic, become part of our everyday in terms of community, power, economy and identity. MY RESPONSE: I have selected ‘Gaming’ … Continue reading

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#Economy – do these relationships conflict or support existing #power structures on the #Internet? #NET102

TUTOR’S QUESTION: How do economic relationships conflict with or support existing power structures through the Internet? Choose an example from your first module and discuss. MY RESPONSE: Music fans have found ways to illegally download an artist’s music, a fact … Continue reading

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Questions of #power… #NET102

We have started to look at the topics we’ve covered over the last 6 weeks on deeper levels. ‘Power and Economy’ is the first theme – really, quite pertinent as I have decided to focus my final essay for this … Continue reading

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Power and Economy – #NET102 reflections on a reading

After reading ‘Political Economy, Power and New Media’ by Robin Mansell, I was particularly struck by the questions posed towards the end of the paper: What dominant principles, values and perceptions of power are being embedded in our technologically mediated … Continue reading

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