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Is the #function of traditional #mass-media and so-called #personal-media different? #WEB206

TUTOR: In what way do you see the function of traditional mass-media and so-called personal media as being different? MY RESPONSE: The function of traditional mass media and personal media are increasingly becoming aligned. As Lüders recognised in 2008, it was important … Continue reading

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#WEB206 – #Avatars

TUTOR: Avatars – How much or to what extent do user avatars affect your perception of the people behind them? MY RESPONSE: Avatars greatly affect my perception of the people I am dealing with online. In the olden days of IRC, … Continue reading

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#WEB206 – Where are you going to find #information related to your topic?

TUTOR: What kind of stuff do you think you will need? Where are you going to find information related to your topic? How will you judge if it good or bad information? MY RESPONSE: Hmmm… considering the topic I have … Continue reading

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#WEB206 – What do you use? How do you organise stuff you find on the net?

TUTOR: What do you use? Do you use Delicious? Weebly? RSS? How do you organise stuff you find on the net? Or are you like me and just have masses of bookmarks that you cannot make sense of? MY RESPONSE: … Continue reading

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#MED104 – 3.1 – Inform me! News media

            ‘News Read All About It‘ by Seth Anderson Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license / Cropped from original TUTOR: Think about the last news story that you followed … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Ego-surfing (activity)

Official Thread: Ego-surfing (activity) This week’s activity asks you to go ‘ego surfing’ using Google, Blindsearch, and Spezify. Some of you may be very familiar with this practice, but for others this might be quite new. How did you go? … Continue reading

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WEB101 – Activity: Introducing Twitter

Official Thread – Activity: Introducing Twitter Do you have any questions about what Twitter is and how it works? How did you go with the exercise? MY RESPONSE: I find that Twitter is a great way to keep in touch … Continue reading

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